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Agent X Crossword Solver iPhone App
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Read what our users have to say about our Agent X Crossword Solver iPhone app

"Wow! How does Agent X know the answers to every crossword clue? It's amazing, and I love that it gives you hints and synonyms. I'll be using this a ton!" - Fran P.

"Another great app for my iPhone! Best crossword hints out there!" - Gio J. "This is the only crossword app you will ever need! Thank you Agent X and!" - Vick B.
"Agent X has solved every crossword puzzle I ever threw at it! Leave it to to have the best crossword solver!" - Samantha M. "At first I was a little skeptical but was quickly blown away by the accuracy of Agent X. A must buy for any crossword puzzle enthusiast!" - Harry M.

"Wow! Now there's an app to help me solve the New York Times Crossword puzzles! I love that I can get hints, so I still feel like I'm doing some of the work!" - Oscar C.

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