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"I love Dictionary.com's app so much because it's way quicker than looking up words in the dictionary, plus it's FREE! A must-have for every iPad!!" - Chanel S.

"Everything that I could ever desire in a dictionary for my iPad - I especially love the pronunciation feature. Thank you Dictionary.com!" - Cheryl D. "I would be nothing without my Dictionary.com iPad app! It has been essential in my writing life!" - Rhonda S.
"This dictionary app is a mandatory download: improve spelling, look up definitions, or study the origin of words. Far and away the best app on my iPad." - Patricia M. "Indispensable! I can expand my vocab, view my search history and tag all my favorite words. This dictionary app is a great, fun learning tool!" - Alex J.

"This is a solid dictionary app: the content is just amazing. I regularly find words here that aren't in any other dictionary app." - Ewan A.

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